World Market Review

In this World Market review, I’ll answer some of the most asked questions about the market.

If you’ve never heard of World Market before, know that it’s one of the most popular and well-established darknet markets on the planet. Point is, it won’t be a complete disappointment.

Under each section on this review, I’ve also rated that specific feature individually. It’ll help you understand the market in smaller bits.

Before we start, do go through the disclaimer below.

Legal disclaimer

This World Market review is solely for educational purposes. Buying/selling on World Market may be illegal.

We are not encouraging or supporting the act of trading on darknet markets. Any and all of your activities on World Market or any other website will solely be your own responsibility.

We can’t be held liable for any financial losses either. DYOR before depositing/sending funds.

If you are new to darknet markets, first go through how to accesss dark web markets.

World Market introduction

World Market is about a year old today. Here are its primary features:

  • URL: http://worldtx2zjdrxwwdvthuilhadqyfcl3fqgyjddhtakq3j4fonppvy3id.onion/
  • Centralized/Advance wallet deposits
  • 35000+ listings
  • $2000 vendor bond
  • 2-FA + PIN + Phishing code
  • Payments via: BTC & XMR
  • Shop type: Traditional + autoshop


Every darknet market has its own registration policies. These decide the time, money and efforts required to sign up on the platform.

World Market does require registrations for starters. There sure are markets which let you browse products without registering, World Market isn’t one of them.

Registering is open for all and doesn’t require special invite codes. It’s 100% free and the accounts are activated instantly.

Rating: 5/5 for its registration policy.

User Interface

Let’s discuss how the market looks like and how you can use it.  This is what you see once you log in:

World Market User Interface

This is probably the most common, traditional and easy-to-use interfaces and layouts in the entire dark web industry.

You can easily navigate to the different pages on the market using the top-bar.

The left-sidebar on World Market offers more than most other markets. Using the left-sidebar, you can access the following:

  • Your profile information
  • Autoshop
  • Product categories
  • And Search filters.

The listing interface is impressive as well. Each listing will tell you:

World Market Listing Interface

  • Views on the item
  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Price is displayed in BTC/XMR + your native currency on World Market (USD for me).

Rating: 5/5. The UI is impressive both for the site in general, as well as when it comes to listings.


World Market has been here for about a year and its product-stock stands at about 35000 listings.  That’s more products than anyone would ever need and is in no way disappointing.

The primary categories include:

I like the fact that they didn’t over complicate things. Everything on the market is summed up within those 5 primary categories. Sure, dozens of sub-categories can be found within these.

As is evident, the market has most listings in its “Drugs” category. Just to get you an idea, here’s everything this one single category holds:

Similarly, fraud has listings such as “bank logins”, “SSNs”, “cards and CVV”, “dumps” and a lot more.

As the name hints, “Digital Goods” sells items which don’t exist in a physical form. The other categories too are just as straight-forward and don’t really need an explanation.

Do note that you can’t find the following products on World Market:

  • Weapons
  • Prostitution
  • Illegal porn
  • Hitman services

Rating: 4/5. It’s impressive however the product-stock could be improved.


Not many darknet markets offer an autoshop, World Market does. It has two autoshops:

  • One sells cards
  • The other sells accounts.

It’s pretty simple. It’s an automated interface where users can buy cards and accounts directly and instantly.

Offers 1 hour feedback time on cards. An optional, in-built card checker is available as well. This in-built checker makes sure you’re not charged if the card is dead.

There’s no escrow (as it’s completely automated) on the autoshop.

Rating: 5/5: Because the autoshop is rare, instant and features the in-built checker.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

World Market accepts payments in two Cryptocurrencies.

You can pay using Bitcoin or Monero. Both the coins can be used after  2 confirmations.

My big complain with its payment system? It doesn’t support wallet-less payments. All funds need to be deposited in advance to the market wallet.

It does support and allow withdrawals though. It’s obviously not free. XMR withdrawal is charged at 0.01XMR. BTC has a different withdrawal fee than XMR.

Rating: 3/5 because it only accepts 2 Cryptocurrencies and isn’t wallet-less.

Vendor requirements

World Market is a market that lets anyone sell on the market. The market acts as an escrow for trades making sure the buyer/seller do not scam each other.

It has one of the highest vendor-bond requirements on the planet. All sellers must deposit $2000.00 to be able to sell on the market.

This fee is non-refundable. Even when your account is in good standing, there’s no way to get the funds back.

On top of this $2K fee, there’s also a 4$ fee attached to each sale. Only the vendors need to pay this fee.

Rating: 5/5. The high vendor-fee makes sure scammers can’t join the market easily.


World Market offers nearly all the security features that I expect from a darknet market.

It offers 2-FA via PGP which is the most common form of security offered on darknet markets.

It also offers a login phrase which tells us when we login using fake/phishing links.

The security PIN too is available which secures withdrawals.

Rating: 5/5, no major security feature seems to be missing.

World Market review: Final verdict

So, is World Market the best market on the planet? I suppose not. However, it definitely qualifies for a position among the top 3.

The product stock is pretty massive, it has an autoshop, scammers can’t sign up easily, and it accepts the two most popular Cryptocurrencies in the industry.

Be sure to read and adhere 100% to the disclaimer on this article before you sign off this World Market review.