Torrez Market Review

Torrez market review 2021. I was here when Torrez first came out, now, 2 years later, let’s see how the market has aged so far?

In this piece, I’ve discussed everything from registration, vending policies, security, products, restrictions to Escrow types and accepted Cryptocurrencies!

In the next few minutes, you’ll know everything there is to know about Torrez market without having to spend hours exploring the market on your own.

Let’s get started then?

Torrez Market Introduction

  • 2 Years age
  • URL: http://yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion/
  • Both wallet-less & Central wallets are available
  • 55000+ listings
  • $500 vendor bond
  • 2-FA + TOTPs + PIN
  • Multisig escrow
  • http://lstkx6p3gzsgfwsqpntlv7tv4tsjzziwp76gvkaxx2mqe3whvlp243id.onion/
  • http://skizkpkmnpn2yygsbwbbhn2kjxacola32qwidqbrpd2t3i34fyqleuad.onion/
  • http://mmd32xf6ypt3f6ta5qo3jizrhkbw7sescbhgh4ebbli3uojxqcfw45qd.onion/
  • http://v6shteil5rcvvavq2oveayvj4bxkj52yfknja4zmym2o7ieozulfmgid.onion/
  • http://333f7gpuishjximodvynnoisxujicgwaetzywgkxoxuje5ph3qyqjuid.onion/
  • http://f3dxwzcmojrlphehqwcecwe3amg6rkzgilcn4xqxmaiezoedijf6rtid.onion/
  • http://3ezbpwjyzr6uhv7gyaaokkkwfuw4boqgmugn2vf7n4yyo72nhbenv2ad.onion/


Why we’re discussing this:- So you know how the registration process is, do you need an invite, do you need to pay, is there an activation period?

Registration is mandatory on Torrez. This means, unlike some other dark web markets, you can’t browse the products or access darknet markets without registering.

The registration is 100% free though. You don’t need invite codes and there isn’t any “activation period”. You can start using your accounts instantly once you sign up.


Why we’re discussing this: So you how the market feels like and what skill-levels you need to use it.

So, this is what you typically see once you login to Torrez market:

Torrez Markket Dashboard

I love the fact that Torrez didn’t completely copy any of the other existing markets. This is a comparatively fresh, new UI that you’re looking at.

Anyway, it’s pretty easy to use. You use the top-right bar to access the different parts of the market (support/wallet/ account etc.).

On the left you can see a list of products. And the rest of the screen shows you featured (paid) listings.

As for the listing UI, I’ll say it’s pretty informative.

Torrez Market products

Every product listing will tell you which Cryptocurrencies are accepted, the verification status for the vendor, positive/negative and neutral feedback for this specific product and even the total number of sales made for the product.


Why we’re discussing this: So you know what a user can or can’t buy/sell at Torrez. It also helps understand the future potential for the market.

One of the most impressive aspect on this Torrez review? Its product-stock! The market has a massive portfolio of over 55515+ individual listings!

As mentioned earlier, the sidebar to the left shows the primary product categories.

Torrez Market Product Categories

The primary types of products available on Torrez include:

  • Drugs
  • Tutorials
  • E-books
  • Software/Malware
  • Fraud
  • Counterfeit
  • Carded items
  • And services.

The category with most number of products is obviously “drugs and chemicals”.  I expanded the category and it showed me products such as Opioids, Cannabis, Tobacco, Ecstasy and so on.

For the curious minds out there, its “Tutorial and E-book” category has e-books on carding, money making, social engineering, drugs etc.

Most categories are self-explanatory, aren’t they? E.g. “Fraud” will give you products/services related to scams and money, it has “accounts”, “dumps and tracks”, “personal information” and so on.

In the “Services” category, you’ll find people selling their skills. There are hackers, crackers, VPN experts, services related to social media and so on.

Restricted products

Why we’re discussing this: So you know what’s completely off limits despite Torrez being a darknet market.

As is obvious, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) allow illegal porn. Human trafficking of any and all kinds are banned as well.

No weapons or guns are allowed, the same goes for toxic chemicals such as Fentanyl.

The one unique restriction here is on “Transfers”. It doesn’t allow selling “Western Union transfers”, “PayPal transfers” and other similar services. It’s desirable because this is one of the easiest, most common scam-listing on most other markets.

Finally, any and all credit/debit cards which can be topped up are banned as well.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

Why we’re discussing this: This will tell you how you can pay on Torrez. It also determines your transaction speed and security.

Torrez offers more cryptocurrency choices than most other markets in the industry. A user can pay using:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • And ZCash.

The market officially encourages the use of Monero.

Centralized wallets and wallet-less payments

Why we’re discussing this: The wallet-mode decides if the market can or can’t exit-scam in the future.

The most important factor for me personally is its dual-wallet mode. It’s only the second market I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen over 40 dark web markets so far) which supports a dual-wallet mode.

This means, you can either deposit your funds in advance to your account wallet(s), or, you can pay directly at checkout.

Paying at checkout means you wouldn’t be depositing any funds to you wallet in advance. After you’ve added the product to your cart, you’re shown an address at the checkout page. You can send funds directly to this address and that will finalize your order!

If you’re new to dark web markets, note that this direct/wallet-less mode almost completely eradicates exit-scam possibilities!

Multisig Escrow

Why we’re discussing this: It’s a very rare feature that most darknet markets do not offer, hence, I believe it deserves a special mention.

Torrez market obviously supports simple escrow payments for all trades. However, it also supports Multisig escrow.

This is a more secure version of escrow where at least 2 people/parties need to sign a transaction before it’s approved. This makes sure that no one party gets exclusive control of the funds at any given time.


Why we’re discussing this: A market without proper security is bound to get hacked and tracked.

Like most other markets, Torrez market offers the basic 2-factor authentication using PGP. On top of that, it offers the extremely rare TOTP. These are temporary OTPs which can be received on Gnome Authenticator, Google Authenticator, KeePassXC etc.

The market also uses a security PIN. It’s used for authenticating payments and withdrawals!

Vending policies

Why we’re discussing this: The vending policies largely decide how hard/easy it is to become a seller on a darknet market. The harder it is, the less scammers buyers find.

Torrez market has a very balanced vendor-bond requirement of $500.00. On top of this, the market also levies a 4%-5% fee/sale.

Like on most other darknet markets, it does have an optional waiver for those vendors who’ve established themselves on other darknet markets.

Torrez market review final verdict

In my personal opinion, Torrez is literally “the best” market that currently exists in the industry. It has over 50,000 products, supports 4 different Cryptocurrencies, offers multisig transaction and even has both centralized as well as wallet-less payment modes.

Those are literally the factor I look for in every other market I find on the dark web. There’s almost nothing I’d critique. I’d definitely rate it 10/10 to sum this Torrez market review up.