Royal Market Review

Royal Market review 2021: In this piece, I’ll discuss every single aspect of the market.

You’ll learn of its registration policy, products, security features, payment types/cryptocurrencies and a lot more.

Basically, it’ll be a complete insight into the market without you having to actually use it.

Let’s get started then?

Legal disclaimer

Do not buy/sell on Royal Market. Browsing/signing up on the market isn’t illegal but trades may be.

Trades are especially illegal when they involve illegal goods or illegally obtained funds.

Any and all of your actions, including registration/innocent browsing and everything else is solely and exclusively your own responsibility.

This article, or its creators can’t be held responsible for any of your actions.

Security tip: Always use a VPN (preferably NordVPN) before connecting to Tor. Choose NordVPN’s “onion over VPN” servers for the best level of security. If darknet markets world is new for you, then you must read first how to access darknet markets before going further.

Royal Market- An Eagle’s-eye view

This section will get you a very brief and yet ultra-detailed insight into the market.

The primary URL for the market is:


  • Wallet-less payments
  • BTC and XMR accepted
  • 2-FA can be enabled via PGP.
  • Security PIN can be enabled
  • 21000+ products
  • Seller accounts: $250.00
  • A login (anti-phishing phrase) could be implemented.

Royal Market Mirrors

  • http://royalrnpvfbodtt5altnnzano6hquvn2d5qy55oofc2zyqciogcevrad.onion
  • http://royalyygxzq5fadtlgzftq3dwpdycq4gvddmvhrk3l2gjzsfqqwpvwad.onion
  • http://5t2ngyhfqeiqn5z46xd2hsfulabkxxxxnfifk3tzn3ou7mjgvfka4fyd.onion
  • http://rpd25x73bfc57j5b6c7u4y5pfbyxdi2qtnwl2a4jorqsnah4ug2z5iqd.onion
  • http://rmlinkpizdvmey5f5h33msnlmivuop22oyymusl2iktmsi6zxkeaiwid.onion

Registration Policy

Most darknet markets allow access only after registration. Royal Market isn’t “most markets” and that is why this section is being included here.

It’s one of the few dark web markets which allow full product access without registration. The product categories as well as individual products can be accessed without registration.

Of course, purchasing or selling items on the market would require registration that’s free and open for all.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: Not required for product browsing / no invite-codes required/ instant activation.

User Interface

This is something else I wouldn’t cover on this Royal Market review, if it wasn’t unique.

Most markets follow a very traditional interface that’s similar across them.  Royal Market doesn’t.

It gives us the product-categories at the top (as compared to being attached to the left-sidebar on other markets).

The rest of the screen is used to display the products.

Royal Market

Even the listing interface is great. On each listing, it shows the vendor status, vendor level, shipping source, price, escrow-type, the feedback (positive/ negative/neutral) and even the total sales!

This helps as any product with good no. of sales and by a high level vendor is probably not scam and is legit.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: It’s unique, very informative, transparent and easy to understand.


The market’s product stock is pretty impressive. Its total individual listings stand at over 21,000 which is pretty great even by the industry standards.

Let’s talk of individual categories?

Again, something it did differently with its UI here is it got rid of sub-categories. Meaning, there are a few primary categories but clicking on any category doesn’t reveal sub-categories which is generally the norm with almost all other tor markets.

Royal Market Products

So, first there are the counterfeit items. As the name suggests, they include items such as jewellery, clothes, luxury watches, fake documents etc. Basically, knockoffs of other bigger, more expensive brands out there.

The digital category has listings such as e-books, software, cashout services etc.

There’s another “tutorial” section which of course mostly has withdrawals/cashout guides, web developing guides, carding/ hacking tutorials and so on.

The “fraud” category primarily has products such as transfers, cards, bank accounts etc.

Then, about a dozen other categories are available, all related to drugs. In other words, it’s as if all the sub-categories for drugs have been placed out in the open.

These categories include steroids, opioids, ecstasy, benzos, cannabis and many others.

As for restrictions, it doesn’t allow the sale of the following items:

  • Illegal porn
  • Weapons/Poisons
  • Hitman services
  • Transfers (Western Union/ Moneygram/ Card to PayPal etc.)

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: Both the quantity as well as diversity/variety of products is impressive. Even the restriction list follows a few “humanity” rules.

Wallet type

One of the most impressive aspects on Royal Market is that it’s wallet-less.

There’s no centralized wallet where funds need to be deposited.

Rather, for each purchase, funds can be sent directly from an external wallet. Doing that makes sure there are no funds on the market and hence there are no funds the market can run away with.

The market still requires 3 confirmations for the orders to be confirmed.

On user profiles, a “withdrawal address” too can be added. This is used when an order doesn’t go through, or is refunded. Basically, all funds which the market didn’t/can’t use go to this wallet.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: Wallet-less payments are exponentially more secure than central wallets.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

While most other darknet markets are limited to Bitcoin, Royal Market isn’t.

It allows payments via both Bitcoin as well as Monero.

Do note that not all listings may be available for purchase using both the  Cryptocurrencies. Some vendors may only accept one of these.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: Two options offer users the choice between speed and anonymity.


The security settings determine how secure an account (from hackers) and its funds are.

Royal Market doesn’t offer everything I want but does tick most of the boxes.

For starters, it offers the 2-FA which can be enabled using PGP. Then there’s the security PIN which can be enabled from the registration page.

The only thing it’s missing is the login phrase which I believe increases security. However, for a vigilant user, it won’t matter much and the margin for being hacked can be minimized.

It also publishes a “Canary”. It’s one of the less-traditional security features. It’s basically a PGP-signed, verifiable message which tells users if the market is still controlled by the admin(s) or some other third-party.

Rating: 4/5. Reasons: It lost a star because the login phrase is missing.

Seller accounts

Royal Market isn’t a single-admin/group market. This obviously means its seller-base consists of other independent sellers, just like on eBay.

To sell on Royal Market, users need to make a deposit of $250.00. This fee can be paid via both Bitcoin and Monero.

In my personal opinion, the fee is pretty cheap. This may be seen as a potential vendor risk as scammers may join the market with ease.

However, to counter that, the market offers pretty detailed vendor-insights. Anyone can check a vendor’s overall performance and history before placing orders with them.

Each listing, and a vendor’s profile page shows the following data:

  • Vendor’s name
  • Finalize-Early status (vendors with F.E privileges are more trustworthy)
  • Total sales on Royal Market
  • Total sales on other markets (it pulls data from external markets and shows the total sales)
  • Overall vendor ratings
  • Ratings for quality/communication and shipping individually
  • of won and lost disputes

It even assigns a “verified vendor” tick to vendors who have 500+ sales on other markets.

This data makes sure scammers can be spotted easily on the market.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: The vendor bond is acceptable and the transparency impressive.


As mentioned earlier on this Royal Market review, it hosts over 20,000 individual listings.

It’s easy to get lost trying to find a specific product here.

So, let’s not conclude this Royal Market review without talking about its search capabilities?

Here’s the search panel it offers:

Royal Market Search Panel

You can enter a keyword, category, product type and the minimum/maximum price.

With all the filters combined, finding the right product takes minutes if not seconds.

Rating: 5/5. Reasons: No major search filter is missing.

Royal Market review- Final verdict

The market is pretty impressive overall. The products, payment modes, wallet-types, security features and everything else is top-notch.

Even the flaws aren’t exactly terminal. They’re more like convenience features that are missing.

So, I’ll conclude this Royal Market review by saying that the market definitely has potential, probably even dominating the market entirely. Let time be the judge?