Quest Market Review

Quest market review 2022: Is this dark web market worth your time and money? We’ll see.

Everything that you need to know about the market will be discussed in detail. This includes products, payment policies, security, vending policies and a lot more.

Let’s get started without beating around the bush then?


This Quest market review is solely and exclusively for educational purposes.

You shouldn’t buy/sell on the market. We haven’t verified the legality or legitimacy of any of the products/vendors on the market.

As a result, you may end up buying illegal items or get scammed. This article and its creators won’t be held responsible in any way for your actions. All your actions are solely your own responsibility.

Quest Market Review: Overview

Here are the most important features that define the market:

  • URL: http://questx4pxdwytknsodzsraxwajkseonfbu2lc74pnmy74tok3lnuhmad.onion/
  • Wallet type: Wallet-less
  • No. of products: 2500+
  • Vending: 0.01707732 BTC
  • Payments via: BTC, XMR
  • Escrow: Standard + F.E

Security tip

Do not use any personal/real/clearnet information when signing up on the market.

Do not just trust Tor blindly. It’s not 100% untraceable. Always use A VPN for the guaranteed anonymity in addition to Tor.

I’d recommend NordVPN. It’s a VPN which got itself publicly and independently audited for its “no log” policy and has onion-specific servers.


Quest brings in some freshness in terms of user-interface. It didn’t go with the traditional interface that we’re used to on most other .onion markets.

This is what Quest market looks like:

Quest Market User Interface

Despite being different, it’s no harder to use. If anything, this is simpler. The very top-bar still is used as a navigational panel. It has links which let you go to the different sections/pages/settings for your account.

Below that is a search-bar. And finally, the product-categories can be found. Hovering over the product-categories reveals their sub-categories. This eliminates the need for additional clicks.

It also has this unique tab that I’ve never seen on any other tor market. The tab shows:

Quest Market Review

  • The newest listing on the market.
  • A random vendor profile
  • And the most recent purchase made on the market.

This in my opinion may not have a lot of practical purpose for the buyers. However, it helps vendors get more exposure to their profile and products.

In a nutshell, the UI is new, interesting and easy to use despite being different.


Nothing on a dark web market is more important than its product-stock, don’t you agree?

As for Quest, it being a new market, it doesn’t have as many listings as we’re normally used to. It only has about 2500 products so far.  However, this increases on a daily basis so it isn’t much of a problem.

Now, most of its product-categories are drug related. In other words, unlike other dark web markets, it didn’t bundle up all drugs under one primary “drug” category. Rather, it gave each type of drug/narcotic its own primary category.

Apart from drugs, the market also has other products which include:

  • Counterfeit documents/products
  • Digital products
  • And Fraud-related items/services

In a nutshell, it does have the variety of products we generally seek on a dark web market.

The market does have its restrictions. The following items can’t be sold on Quest market:

  • Underage porn
  • Anything which can be used to harm others (weapons/poison)

Accepted Cryptocurrencies and wallet-type

All the products can be bought and sold using Bitcoin and Monero. Do note that the final choice of cryptocurrencies rest with the vendors. Meaning, some vendors may only accepts Bitcoin or Monero instead of accepting both.

You can obviously find other vendors who’re willing to accept any of those two Cryptocurrencies.

One of the biggest selling points for the market on this Quest market review is that it’s wallet-less. This means you aren’t forced to deposit funds to the market in advance.

Rather, you get a new deposit address for each checkout page. You can send your funds directly to this address from any external wallet you wish.  This means you wouldn’t be storing funds on the market.

With recent exit-scams from some of the biggest names in the industry (such as Empire Market), this adds immense peace of mind, doesn’t it?

Vending policies on Quest  market

Quest market is basically like Amazon for the dark web. Meaning, anyone can sell on the market once they have the vendor account.

This vendor account can be obtained by depositing either 0.01707732 BTC or 3.72153029 XMR.

This fee is totally refundable. That’s rare considering how most other dark web markets have stopped refunding vendor fee.

Anyway, in order to get the refund, the vendor must get to at least 1500 sales on Quest market.

In my personal opinion that’s a nice incentive for vendors to be legit and not scam their buyers.

The market also hands out free vendor accounts to successful vendors. Any vendor who has at least 2 years of experience and 1500+ sales on other darknet markets may apply for the free vendor account.

Security features

The market does nothing impressive here. However, it’s not disappointing either. It’s exactly what you expect from a dark web market’s security.

So, there’s the  very traditional, very secure and also the most common 2-FA that can be enabled using PGP. Doing this will require you to decrypt a PGP-based message to login. Do note that this does require basic PGP knowledge.

Then, the market does provide the login phrase. This phrase is set during registration. This phrase is always displayed on your dashboard when you login. If this phrase isn’t displayed, this would mean you’ve logged in through a phishing link.

That’s pretty much all the security the market offers. The mnemonic code is sure available but it’s more of a recovery feature than a security feature.

It does frequently publish the Canary which is somewhat of a desirable feature. It’s just a PGP-signed, verifiable message from the administrators which proves that the market indeed is still controlled by the admin(s) and not some third-party or govt. officials.

Transparent vendor profiles

This isn’t a feature, but I use it as one. Clicking on vendor profiles reveals the following data:

  • No. of completed orders
  • F.E approved/not approved
  • Rank
  • Last seen
  • Total points
  • Feedback/comments
  • Rating (for quality/shipping and communication).

This helps buyers make informed decisions about the vendors’ legitimacy and authenticity.

Escrow policies

Escrow policies affect vendors more than the buyers. So, if you’re a potential buyer you can just skip to the next section on this Quest market review.

Anyway, the number of days funds remain in the market escrow on Quest depends on the vendor’s history and age.

For new vendors, funds are released 21 days after the sale. Rank 4 or more vendors get their funds released within 14 days.

Finally, rank 8 or higher vendors only have to wait 7 days for the funds to be released.

Quest market review-final verdict

That’ll be all for this Quest market review folks. I’ll just pen my personal opinion before I sign off this Quest market review.

The market definitely needs more products but that’s a problem that’ll probably be solved on its own with time. However, almost everything else is just top-notch.

Dual cryptocurrencies, wallet-less payments, 2-FA, transparent vendor profiles and a very desirable vendor policy. All these factors tell me this market may actually make it to the top if it stays long enough in the game.

If you check back on this Quest market review in a few months, I should have a more concrete verdict for you then.