Cocaine Market Review

In this Cocaine Market review, we’ll see how good or bad of a marketplace Cocaine Market is.

Drugs are the most cold commodity on the dark web, aren’t they? Cocaine Market is a market which carved itself a micro-niche. It claims to only sell Cocaine.

Obviously, we’ll discuss payments, wallets, security and a lot more throughout this Cocaine Market review.

Let’s get started then?

Legal disclaimer

Cocaine Market, as the name suggests, is a marketplace selling Cocaine. We have not verified their claims, they may or may not be legitimate. We can’t be held responsible for your financial losses.

Cocaine is illegal in most countries. Buying/selling Cocaine digitally is equally illegal. Do not buy/sell products on Cocaine Market. Doing so may be a crime. In any and all cases, all of your actions are 100% your own responsibility.

We are publishing this Cocaine Market review exclusively for research and educational purposes.

Cocaine Market outline

It’s a market that’s different from most other darknet markets out there. Let’s get you introduced to its primary features first?

  • URL: cocain2itdseriirz6akhtukerj7hh6cnkytkgrfjdsxn65rknizbjyd
  • Market type: Single admin/vendor
  • Centralized deposits
  • Around 10 listings
  • No independent vendors
  • Payments via: BTC
  • Shop type: Traditional

Cocaine Market- No escrow/ Independent vendors

Cocaine Market is a single-vendor market.

Meaning, the person or group who owns the market, are also the only ones allowed to sell on the market.  Other independent, third-party sellers can’t sell on Cocaine Market.

This means there are two major problems with the market.

First, there’s no escrow. The vendor him/herself is the market admin. As a result, you’re making your payment directly to the seller, without any intermediary.

The market may refuse to ship your products and there’s no one you can complain to.

The second problem being, lack of vendor verification. On most other markets, you can check a vendor’s previous sales, history, ratings and so on.

On Cocaine Market, there’s just one vendor, and they control the entire market. As a result, there either are no reviews, or they may be put up by the vendor on their own.

On the brighter side, Cocaine Market has been here for about half a decade now. There aren’t many negative reviews against it in the industry.

So, despite the lack of an escrow and independent vendors, the market still has established a reputation.


On Cocaine Market, you only have to register when purchasing products. It allows you to browse the entire product catalogue without registering.

Very simplified registration. You only need an username and a password. No PIN or login phrases need to be set. It’s 100% free.

Rating: 4/5 is the default rating I attach to any market which allows “free for all” product browsing.


Well, the market’s name is “Cocaine Market”. I doubt you need any more explanations, do you?

The only product it sells is Cocaine. Many different types of the product are available, but it’s all Cocaine. Doesn’t even sell any other types of drug.

For now, the available types of Cocaine include:

  • Premium Uncut
  • Peruvian Flake
  • Uncut Flake
  • Pure Fish Scale
  • Norway Cocaine
  • Uncut Crack etc.

If you’re searching for cards, jewellery and basically a more diversified product portfolio, do check this World market review.

Rating: I’d rate it 5/5. That’s because even though the market doesn’t sell anything else, it never claimed to. From day 1 it has been a Cocaine-exclusive market. Comparing it to other multi-product and multi-vendor markets wouldn’t be fair, right?


Because it’s a single-vendor market, the UI is pretty basic.

There’s a top-bar which lets you go to the different sections on the market. All the remaining space is used to display the available products.

Cocaine Market Interface

Do note that the products have pre-determined quantity-batches. Meaning, you can’t randomly choose to order X grams of the product.

You must choose from one of the available product-batches. Sure, you can order multiple quantities of the same batch to get the exact size of product you need.

Rating: 5/5 as it’s still very simple and fast.

Payment Cryptocurrencies and wallet-mode

Cocaine Market accepts only Bitcoin.

This Bitcoin can’t be paid directly at the time of checkout. Rather, it must be first deposited to a central market wallet and then be used for payments.

In other words, the market isn’t wallet-less. Exit-scam is still possible. It’s best to deposit the exact order amount without any excess.

Obviously, withdrawals are allowed if you’ve got leftover funds on the market.

Rating: 1/5 as it only accepts BTC and doesn’t offer wallet-less transactions.

No security features

No single-admin market offers advanced security features. The same goes for this market as well.

There’s no 2-FA, login phrase, security PIN or basically anything else.

In other words, if you lose your password, you lose your account as well as your funds.

Rating: 1/5, even for a single-vendor market I feel it atleast should’ve the PIN to protect unauthorized withdrawals. Only the password exists.


Unlike some other markets (such as the one discussed in our DarkFox review), the support isn’t as smooth or integrated on Cocaine Market.

You get a comment-box like interface. This is where you type your messages. It then asks for an e-mail ID. The e-mail must be valid as that’s where you’d get the replies. You can obviously use anonymous e-mails for this.

There’s no integrated support/chat feature to get in touch with the staff.

Rating: 3/5 as the support isn’t integrated and requires third-party email.

Final verdict- Is Cocaine Market a good market?

If Cocaine is the only thing you’re looking for, Cocaine Market is a pretty good option.

Sure, it lacks most features most other P2P, escrow dark web markets offer. However, with its established reputation, the market probably won’t scam you.

Do note that this Cocaine Market review is just to explain what the market “claims to offer”. Do not trade on the market, it’s illegal if they truly do sell Cocaine.