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Tor2Door Market Review

This Tor2Door market review brings to you probably the simplest, smoothest, and just a very appealing marketplace in general.

Note that this doesn’t mean the market is the best. That we’ll let you decide based on its features and problems.

For now, take this Tor2Door Market review to be an objective discussion of what the market claims to offer.

Legal disclaimer

You can not use this review, or any other article/content on this website  to buy/sell/trade on dark web markets. That’s illegal in most parts of the world (depending on the product, legality of the funds and so on).

This article is solely to be used for educational and research purposes. Any and all of your actions will 100% be your responsibility.

Tor2Door Market- A sneak peek

Here’s the market’s most important features and aspects:

  • URL: http://t5h72uz4hvyvwx6xyiyy6kpdoqyvyrg5yhe2ffxetb4lhn53onva5bad.onion/
  • Centralized deposits
  • 10,000+
  • $300 vendor fee + 5%/sale
  • Payments via: BTC, XMR
  • Shop type: Traditional (no autoshop)
  • Escrow: Multisig’

Tor2Door Market Mirror

  • http://uliymsskjdcq5bhbwon4x7nc47sswnf3afapgydvd6n32perg56miwyd.onion
  • http://uliymsskjdcq5bhbwon4x7nc47sswnf3afapgydvd6n32perg56miwyd.onion
  • http://2w3kztyfy2f5zezl4fxp43ean34f7rknk7gh53ruy7rxjj74xn64xyid.onion
  • http://yzrrne3pveltulbavydr2kiashvlnysdwclwmklo6cyjuqpxi7ku4xqd.onion
  • http://t2dxvwjkafvbksbny372abwmm76ef76rzn7534ho7pkwcqbs4vqgzmid.onion
  • http://t2dscdthkhqjxxk5cwdei2lwx7q2jd344d6psy732wegrfidn2hls6ad.onion
  • http://t2djo2rmosnv627cebvpudnub4erkncqq2xln6y2233sje7ij6qefiyd.onion
  • http://qgma4evyuxoqw6zolgk3y5nsjnd7mbzmuqvajlwop3jbakghe34puuad.onion
  • http://2m2kr247bkvqxo6e5negq6jkfh7bshunaqdbnofufngwmcrx4ut7wiyd.onion
  • http://t2didmjqj7yqzlc44oiqmwr3u62xdg4pvzfrtxdy2wsewgrt2zelwhyd.onion
  • http://t2d4guudlshmyuwhd5tse2n247j5pyikztdfv2ejfrmlj4jf2lnruwad.onion

Interested yet? Let’s dive in!


Unlike DarkFox or the even more anonymous UnderMarket 2.0, you do need to register on Tor2Door.

No access is possible without registration, not even the inventory. Registering takes just a few seconds. It’s 100% anonymous and lets you set a few security features (e.g. personal phrase, mnemonic code) for your account.

There’s no waiting period for the account to be activated.

Rating: 3/5 because I’ve seen markets which allow product-browsing without registration, as well as those which don’t need registration at all!


As I said earlier on this Tor2Door market review, it’s known for its simplicity.

The interface looks super clean.

Tor2Door Market User Interface

It’s pretty traditional as well. The top-bar gives us the important links, the left-sidebar gives us the product-categories and then there are products at the centre.

If you’ve been on other darknet markets, you’d agree this is literally the oldest, most popular and most used layout for these markets.

The listing interface needs a bit of work. For now, here’s how listings are displayed:

Tor2Door Market Listing Interface

There’s literally no information about the no. of sales, accepted Cryptocurrency, vendor level etc. This means finding the right product will take quite a bit of time.

Rating: 4/5. The good part is its simplicity, the bad is its lack of data on the listings.


The market isn’t the most popular on the dark web, and yet has managed to get bout 10,000 listings which is impressive.

The listings are consistent with dark web traditions. Drugs and chemicals occupy more than 50% of the market’s total listings.

Then there are the digital listings, they occupy about 20%+ of the market’s total listings as well.

Users can also buy fraud items, jewellery, software, counterfeits and a lot more.

The sub-categories do exist. Hovering over any category will bring up its sub-categories.

Again, I love how there’s no “reload” required for the sub-categories (simplicity, eh?)

The following products can’t be sold on Tor2Door market:

  • Illegal porn
  • Weapons
  • Hitman hiring services
  • Terror-promoting content/products
  • Weapons
  • Fentanyl
  • And Prostitution.

Rating: 5/5 as the market has diversity as well as an acceptable number of products.

Deposit/withdrawal and wallet-modes

Tor2Door went with the crowd here. Like almost all other darknet markets on the planet, it too accepts the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • And Monero.

As for the wallet-mode, I’m not happy. It doesn’t have a wallet-less mode. Purchases can only be made after depositing funds to your centralized market wallet. This is what lets markets exit-scam and hence not my favourite feature.

It has a pretty advanced withdrawal policy. So, you can withdraw both the coins. BTC has a 0.00017748 BTC minimum withdrawal requirement.

The fee is controlled by you. Depending on how fast/slow you want your funds you get to choose your fee.  There’s also the standard 0.00005BTC miner fee.

XMR too has a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.04329628. The miner fee for XMR is set at  0.000025 XMR.

Rating: 4/5. The lack of the wallet-less mode cost it a point.

Multisig escrow

This is somewhat of a saving grace considering that the market isn’t wallet-less. So, it supports multisig transactions.

Obviously, the traditional escrow too is available. However, multisig makes things a lot more secure. It makes it so that more than one parties (between the buyer/seller and the market) must authorize a transaction for it to go through.

Rating: 5/5 because only a handful of Tor markets have multisig enabled even today.

Vending policies

Like most other reputed markets out there, Tor2Door too relies on independent vendors for its product inventory. In other words, it lets buyers find vendors and vice-versa for “hard to find” items.

Now, anyone can sell on Tor2Door. The only condition is, they must deposit a $300.00 non-refundable vendor fee. This fee makes it harder for scammers to sign up, especially those who can’t afford $300 upfront deposits.

They do waive this fee off for vendors who’ve established themselves on other markets.

On top of this fee, the vendor also pays a 5% fee/sale on his/her listing price.

Rating: 4/5. From a buyer’s perspective, the vendor-fee should be a bit higher.


The market seems to be a tradition lover. It offers all the most commonly used security features for darknet markets.

This includes:

  • 2-FA via PGP: Makes sure your password, even when leaked, doesn’t grant someone access to your account.
  • PIN: This is used to protect your funds and withdrawals. The password and 2-FA are of no use without this PIN.
  • Mnemonic code: This is used both to recover the account, as well as change security permissions related to your PIN. Changing account password too requires this Mnemonic.
  • Personal phrase: Used to verify market legitimacy and prevent phishing attacks.

Rating: 5/5. Nothing seems to be missing.

Tor2Door Market review- The good and the bad

Before signing off this Tor2Door Market review, let’s sum it up? I’ll say its product-stock, multisig transactions, and security features are the “good” on the market.

The centralized wallet is the primary downer at least for me for Tor2Door.

Comparatively, the good seems to outweigh the bad and hence the market isn’t a disappointment.

Overall, I’ll rate it a 4/5. Now that you’re done with this Tor2Door Market review, go check it out for yourselves (do not buy/sell items, that’s illegal).

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