DarkFox Market Review

DarkFox Market review 2021: Is this the new market that’ll rule all markets? That’s what you’ll know the answer to once you’re done with this DarkFox review.

You may just be looking for a new market, or DarkFox Market specifically. Either way, you wouldn’t be wasting your time on this piece.

Before we go deeper, spend a few seconds on the disclaimer below.

Legal disclaimer

This DarkFox Market review is to be used only for educational or research purposes. You shouldn’t buy or sell items on tor markets. Depositing funds on the market may be risky or illegal as well.

Only you’ll be responsible for all your actions on any darknet market, including DarkFox.

DarkFox Market introduction

We’ll explain the market in detail, however, here’s a brief summary of what the market feels like.

  • URL: http://p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd.onion/
  • Centralized
  • 23000+ listings
  • $150 vendor bond
  • 2-FA + PIN
  • Payments via: BTC & XMR
  • Shop type: Traditional + autoshop
  • Escrow: Standard + Multisig

Let’s have a closer look at it then?

Optional registration

Not all darknet markets force you to register and DarkFox is one of them.

It’s a market you can browse without registering. You can check its products, use the search panel, check listings and even user profiles.

The only time you register is when you actually wish to buy/sell something.

If and when you do wish to register, it’s completely free. No invite codes are required either.  There’s no additional time required for account activation either, it’s instant.

Rating: 5/5 because it doesn’t force registrations.


The UI at DarkFox is nothing that we’ve not seen before.  The top-bar with links and the left-sidebar with user information and product-categories is pretty common.

DarkFox Interface

The left-sidebar also houses the search panel, this too is pretty standard for the industry.

The area at the centre of the screen is used to display product listings.

The product-listing interface did impress me. That’s because of how detailed and informative it was.

DarkFox Product Listing

As the screenshot above shows, every product listing tells me:

  • The price
  • Type of escrow accepted for that specific listing
  • of sold items
  • Vendor’s level
  • Total sales made by the vendor (across all his/her listings).
  • Many other stats.

Point being, I can judge a listing and its vendor’s merit and legitimacy at a glance and that’s impressive.

Rating: 5/5- the UI is easy, very informative and detailed.

23000+ products

DarkFox has about 23000 products listed for now. For a market that’s less than a year old, I’ll say that’s acceptable, isn’t it?

There are over 13600+ items in the “drug” category. It’s the category with maximum number of items on the market.

Counterfeit items are the second most well-populated category on the market with nearly 4700+ listings.  You can basically find “fakes” here, they may be clothes, money, electronic items and so on.

Then there are the “Fraud” items, over 4000 listings can be found here as well. Users can find accounts, dumps, cards and other similar item here.

Many other product categories such as guides, erotica, software, digital products etc. are available as well.

DarkFox Categories

Rating: 5/5- Impressive product stock.

Cards autoshop

If you went through my World Market review, you already know what an autoshop is. If you don’t, well, it’s basically a feature on these darknet markets which is automated.

In other words, you can pick your card, make your payment and instantly receive the card you purchased.

So, DarkFox does offer a card  autoshop which exclusively sells cards. I must say, it has a better stock in its autoshop than World Market or some other autoshops I’ve seen.

Rating: 5/5


When registering on DarkFox, you’re asked to set a PIN along with the password. This PIN is then required to authorize fund withdrawals as well as when making new purchases.

Users can also set 2-factor authentication for their accounts. This is done using PGP.

Rating: 4/5 because it’s missing a few security features that I’ve seen on other  markets.

Payment policies and  wallet-types

If you’re impressed with the market so far on this DarkFox market review, you’re in for a change. What I mean is, DarkFox only accepts Bitcoin for payments. That sure sucks because I’d have loved to see at least Monero being accepted (as it’s more private than Bitcoin).

The second disappointment is its wallet-type. DarkFox doesn’t support wallet-less payments. All funds must be first deposited to your market wallet and only can be used for purchases.

Users must deposit atleast  0.00005BTC, smaller transactions than this aren’t credited. All funds are considered successful after 2 confirmations.

Withdrawals too are supported, again, the minimum amount is  0.0005 BTC. There’s a 1% transaction fee on all withdrawals.

Rating: 3/5 because it only accepts 1 Cryptocurrency and doesn’t allow wallet-less payments.

Vendor policies

The market does accept independent sellers. The vendor-fee is pretty cheap, almost too cheap. It just costs $150.00.  Compared to other markets such as World Market which charge $2000.00 this is dirt-cheap.

It does allow established  vendors to “send apply for a free vendor account.

Rating: 4/5 because I’d have liked a more expensive vendor-bond as it reduces scammer signups.

Multisignature transactions

I rarely see a market that accepts multisig transactions. These are basically a more advanced version of standard escrow.

If you opt for multisignature transactions, the funds are locked with  3 keys. The buyer’s, seller’s and the market’s. This ensures no individual party can authorize fund movement without the approval from atleast 1 other party.

Normal escrow transactions cost 5% while multisig transactions cost 4% of the total price.

Rating: 5/5 because this is rare and secure.

DarkFox Market review- Final verdict

So, what’s my final opinion of DarkFox Market? I’ll rate it a 4/5 overall. It loses a few points primarily because of its payment policies.

However, on the plus side, it has an impressive product-stock, multisig transactions and acceptable security features.

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