WeTheNorth Market Review

In this WeTheNorth market review, I’ll discuss everything that I love and hate about the market.

I’ll be upfront, if you’re not from Canada, this market isn’t for you. It’s a Canada-only market.

However, you can still read through for research purposes, I’ll be answering the following questions throughout this WeTheNorth market review:

Legal disclaimer: Do not buy or sell on the market. It may be illegal and only you will be 100% responsible for all your actions. This review is only to be used for educational purposes.

WeTheNorth market in a nutshell

WeTheNorth market is a “Canada-exclusive” market. If you’re not from Canada, you can’t shop here. If you’re a vendor, you can’t sell your products outside Canada either.

  • Link: http://hn2paw7zaahbikbejiv6h22zwtijlam65y2c77xj2ypbilm2xs4bnbid.onion/
  • Only sells to Canada.
  • Automated BTC payments, manual XMR deposits
  • Not wallet-less.
  • About 600+ products
  • Is available on the clearnet- www.wtnmarket.net
  • $100.00 (non-refundable) for the vendor account.

Never use the market (especially its clearnet alternative) without a good VPN. I’d recommend NordVPN because they’ve publicly verified their “no log” policy via a third-party audit.

Is WeTheNorth market an Empire market clone?

No, it isn’t.

Almost everyone on this WeTheNorth market review has heard of, seen or used Empire Market, haven’t you?

When you first login to your WeTheNorth market account, you’re hit by nostalgia. It’s almost identical to how Empire Market looked like:

It only uses Empire-like layout because that’s something most people already have experience with. The market isn’t claiming to be Empire Market, all its products, vendors and policies are completely different from Empire.

On the top-right, you see information about your funds and the logout option.

 You can easily find the products you’re looking for using the product-category sidebar.

It also makes things easy by including a list of “top vendors”. You can click on any of these vendors to directly see their listings. These are the most trustworthy, reputed and established vendors on the market.

Profile data, as well as a basic search bar too is seen on this dashboard. Pretty simple and easy to understand, right?

The most impressive aspect is that its dual-language. Almost everything on the site is written both in English, as well as French. You do not need to manually translate anything, it’s all there by default!

Which payment modes does the market accept?

BTC and XMR.

Do note that on your welcome dashboard (the screenshot above), you only see “BTC” option. This may lead you to believe that it’s a Bitcoin-only market, which is wrong.

On the deposit page, it will show you deposit addresses for both Bitcoin and Monero.

Here’s the twist, Monero deposits aren’t automated. Meaning, once you send Monero to the market, you must contact their support team. The funds are then manually credited to your account.

In my opinion, I feel that’s pretty redundant, old-fashioned and time-consuming. Monero is in some ways better than BTC and hence I believe this should be automated.

Deposit addresses are only valid for a single deposit. This is done to increase anonymity. 

How many confirmations does WeTheNorth market need for deposits?

3 for Bitcoins.

This is important because it determines the amount of time after which you can use your deposit.

3 confirmations are generally achieved in about 30 minutes so that’s not a bad deal.

As for Monero, the no. of required confirmations isn’t mentioned as it’s manually credited to your account.

Can you purchase products directly from external wallets?

No, you can’t.

What this essentially means is, it’s not a wallet-less market.  You can not pay for orders directly on the checkout page from an external wallet.

All purchases must be made using the funds in your market account.

This does increase risks for an exit-scam. On the bright side, it means faster payments and fewer external deposits to your account.

Can you withdraw leftover funds?

Yes, you can.

I just said you must deposit funds to the market wallet. That means you’ll often have some leftover after your purchases.

This fund can be withdrawn to your external wallets.

There is a withdrawal fee, and it’s decided by the amount of funds you’re trying to withdraw.

Here’s how much you pay for withdrawals:

  • 0.0004BTC to 0.038BTC= 0.0004BTC.
  • 0.038BTC to 0.075BTC= 0.0008BTC.
  • 0.075BTC= 0.0012BTC

Here’s my opinion, shouldn’t the fee go lower as the withdrawal amount increases? But hey, I don’t own the market and the current fee isn’t a complete deal-breaker either.

What can you buy on WeTheNorth market?

Everything except illegal porn, hitman services, prostitution, weapons and fentanyl.

Well yes, the only things you can’t buy/sell on WeTheNorth market are the ones listed above.

In total, the market has about 600 products listed today. Is that a lot? Definitely not. But, considering the market’s age, let’s not be too quick to judge.

As for available product types, it sells products/services such as:

  • Drugs:  It has products such as stimulants, opioids, cannabis, Benzos and so on.
  • Fraud: You can buy cards, dumps, account information etc.
  • Guides & tutorials: Mostly has e-books teaching how to get most illegal things done, such as carding.
  • Counterfeit items: Buy copies of jewellery, luxury gadgets, clothes, fake documents, fake currency notes etc.
  • Carded items: This category sells everything without a specific “type”, however, all the products here were obtained via carding.
  • Software and malware: You can buy RATs, viruses, ransomware and other such things here.
  • Services: People sell their skills here. Can be hacking, carding, privacy enhancement and so on.

In a nutshell, despite the low number of products, the categories do tell us that the market is open to product varieties.

Who can sell on the market?


The market only has two conditions:

  • The seller must be willing to pay $100.00 for the vendor account. It’s never refunded.
  • The seller must not sell outside Canada.

Can you verify a vendor’s history before trading?

Yes, you can.

You can check any vendor’s profile and you get the following data:

  • Trust level and vendor level (these depend on the no. of sales made by the vendor, the highest this is, the more legitimate a vendor is).
  • Positive & negative feedback
  • Total spending (as a buyer)
  • Total disputes

Now, I do feel it should offer a few more details. Especially the no. of total sales, and feedback from other markets (if available).

While I’m not impressed, I can accept it because the market is very new and we’ll probably see those stats in the near future.

Is WeTheNorth market secure?


First, it clearly mentions that no logs are kept. So, your orders, deposits, addresses and everything else is purged permanently.

It does have 2-factor authentication which you can enable via PGP. A security PIN too exists to protect your funds (it’s required for withdrawals).

Does WTN Market provide a mnemonic code?

Yes, it does.

Despite all the security features above, you may end up losing your account!

In that case, you can use the mnemonic code provided to you just after signing up. This random string of alphabet and numbers help you recover your account.

WeTheNorth Market pros and cons

Let’s sum this piece up then?


  • 2 Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Acceptable security features
  • Clearnet access
  • Familiar UI


  • Limited to Canada-only

WeTheNorth market review- Final verdict

The market is very new and so there’s clearly a lot of room for improvement. However, talking of the no. of products, vendors, security features, and other aspects, I’ll say it’s a leader in the making.

It’s obviously not the best darknet market today but does have the potential to be someday.

Moreover, it still is capable of catering to the needs of most darkweb buyers. To conclude this WeTheNorth market review, I’ll say let’s give it time and see where it goes.