Darkode Reborn Market Review

This Darkode Reborn market review will discuss everything there is to discuss about the market.

You’ll learn about its registration process, security, available products, vending policies, payment policies and everything else.

Is it the next SilkRoad or Alphabay? You decide that once you’ve gone through this Darkode Reborn market review.


Do not buy/sell on the market. It may be illegal. Any and all of your actions are solely and exclusively your own responsibility.

Darkode Reborn market overview

Here’s a glimpse into the market’s primary features:

  • URL: http://darkodz2tjl6beko66mh55zxjoclqcwcpkbmela3ne3g2rvldhsnnpad.onion
  • Registration: Required
  • Products: 80,000+
  • Vendor bond: 3 bonds, starting at $1000.00
  • Security: 2 usernames/PIN/ 2-FA
  • Fee: 3% both for vendors and buyers
  • Autoshop: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC and XMR.

Let’s get you a more detailed insight then?


Darkode Reborn does require registration. You can’t access any part of the marketplace without registering first.

However, the registration process is interesting. It’s the only market I’ve seen which demands 2 different usernames for registration.

darkode reborn market review

The first is the public username, this is displayed to everyone on the market. The second is your private username. This is what you enter when logging in.

This has two benefits:

  • Your private username, required for logging in, stays hidden on the market from other users.
  • When you enter your private username, your public username is displayed on the loggin screen. When this doesn’t happen, it hints that you’re on a phishing link and not the original Darkode market.

The other data required on the market is pretty standard.

Rating: 5/5 because of its unique 2-username protection.


The UI at Darkode is new, refreshing and yet similar & easy to use.

When you login, this is what you should see:

darkode reborn market user interface

If you’ve been with other darknet markets, you’d instantly notice that there is no “left sidebar” or “product-sidebar”.

Rather, the product categories are moved to the top. What’s unique is it has a “most viewed” list, this showcases the most popular products on the market.

Also, it uses some pretty eye-catching icons instead of a plain, boring top-bar links for navigational purposes. Using these icons/links, I can move to the autoshop (yes, it exists), coin exchange (this exists too), forum and other places on the market.

The rest of the screen is very practical as well. First, there are the featured listings. Then, it shows the “best selling products” which help find the most popular products very easy. Finally, the general products are listed.

Rating: 5/5, It’s not identical to most other dark net markets yet easy to use.

Payment policies and wallet types

Darkode market allows payments via both XMR and BTC. If you don’t see either one of these options with a vendor, it’s because the vendor doesn’t accept one of these coins. You can simply look for another vendor who does.

The only major heartbreak for me on Darkode? It’s not wallet-less! It forces users to deposit funds to either its BTC or XMR wallets.

Rating: 4/5, it loses a point because it’s not wallet-less.


The dual-username feature sure increases security.

However, what other features do you get on the market?

So, there’s the PIN that you set during registration. This is demanded if and when you wish to withdraw funds from your market wallet.

Of course, PGP too can be used to protect your account if you enable 2-FA. This does require a bit of PGP-knowledge though.

Rating: 5/5 as I don’t see any major security loopholes for now.

Vendor policies

Darkode is only the second market I’ve ever seen which offers different types of vendor packages.

The basic package costs $1000.00. The Gold package is sold for $1500.00 and finally the vendor bond costs $2500.00.

The market does waive off this fee if you’re an established darknet vendor on other established market(s). Obviously, this would need to be proved and validated using PGP.

Vendors aren’t allowed to sell Fentanyl, weapons and illegal porn.

Rating: 5/5 because it offers multiple choices to the vendors. Also, because the vendor-bond isn’t very cheap which means scammers can’t sign up as easily.


The market has over 80,000+ products listed. That is probably the largest active listing in the industry today!

darkode reborn product categories

Its product-diversity is impressive. It has a few categories which I’ve never seen on other tor markets, these include:

  • Illegal gambling
  • Media and Influence
  • Camgirls
  • Chem Equipment
  • APT
  • Surveillance
  • Shill Marketing etc.

Of course, the normal darknet products such as drugs, fake documents, jewelry, carding, digital goods etc. are available as well.

Rating: 5/5 because the product stock as well as diversity is very impressive.

Buying/Withdrawing fee

Not the happiest moment on this Darkode Reborn review.

So, there’s obviously a fee generally associated with selling on the market. Sellers pay a 3% fee on each sale.

However, buyers too are forced to pay an additional 3% from their end.

As for the withdrawal fee, it’s 2.5%/withdrawal.

Rating: 3/5. Not only is 6% trading fee high, the fact that buyers have to pay half of that is the first I’m ever seeing this.


Autoshops are basically automated interfaces which let you buy/sell digital goods (mostly cards and bank data) instantly, without waiting for vendor approval.

Darkode Reborn market does have an autoshop. Unfortunately, there are no listings on it so far.

It has an in-built checker. Charges $0.50 for each check.

Rating: 1/5, the feature is impressive but without any listings it’s of no use.

In-built Coin Shifter

Coin shifting is simply the act of exchanging one coin for another.

In other words, let’s say a user deposits BTC and makes his/her purchase. He/she can then exchange the remaining BTC for XMR and withdraw XMR. This breaks the link between the initial deposit and the withdrawal.

Of course, the exchange can be made before buying anything as well.

The market charges a 2.5% fee/exchange.

Darkode Reborn Market review- final verdict

So, let’s sum up the good, the bad and the ugly before concluding this Darkode Reborn market review?

The good- 80,000+ products, very unique product arsenal, 2 cryptocurrencies accepted, 3 different vendor-bonds, coin shifter, decent security features.

The bad- Not wallet-less.

The ugly: 6% trading fee, 3% to be paid by the vendor as well as the buyer!

I’ll be signing off this Darkode Reborn market review then. Go form your own opinions (do not buy/sell on the market though).