ASAP Market Review

This ASAP market review will discuss every single feature/problem that ASAP market brings with itself.

Markets are getting seized, exit-scamming and just going offline every single day. ASAP may be a potential solution to these problems.

Know that I’m neither for nor against ASAP market. This review is completely objective and unbiased.

Let’s dive in?

Legal disclaimer

You’re free to read and use this ASAP market review for educational and research purposes only.  You aren’t allowed to buy/sell/trade on the market. That’s mostly illegal.

Any and all of your actions, including but not limited to signing up/ buying/selling/depositing or withdrawing funds will 100% be your sole responsibility.

We haven’t verified the legitimacy of ASAP market or its vendors. All legal and financial actions are solely your responsibility.

Getting to know ASAP market

ASAP market isn’t a very new market, it’s been here at least for about a year (that I know of).

So, here are all its primary features:

Registration policy

I love when a market doesn’t force registration upon its users. ASAP Market is one of those darknet markets.

The registration policy is exactly the same as the one discussed in my DarkFox market review.

This means you must register when purchasing products, however, you don’t need to register simply to browse the market.

You can check the products and the market UI without registering.

Rating: 4/5. It’s not 5/5 because we’ve discussed markets that don’t need any registration (even for purchases). Go through our UnderMarket review for details.


The UI is slightly different from other markets, however, is still not completely reinvented.

So, the most important links for the accounts are shifted to the far top-right. Then, there are some other links just below these links at the top-left.

ASAP market dashboard

On the left, there are some other links such as for FAQ, rules, PGP, mirrors, etc. Then, as is the tradition, there are the product-categories.

On a personal level, I don’t like how various types of drugs have just been laid out in the open instead of being grouped together in a single category.

As for the listing interface, it could be improved as well. Currently, the listing UI shows the vendor’s total sales, price and shipping source/destination.

ASAP Market Product Listing Interface

It’s missing a few core metrics, such as total sales on this individual product, type of accepted escrow, and the accepted Cryptocurrency for the listing.

Rating: 4/5 for the flaws with its listing UI and categorization.


The market isn’t impressive with its product-stock, and yet doesn’t disappoint. It has about 18,000 items listed for now which is pretty decent and acceptable.

It doesn’t have a lot of product-variety though. Most of the primary products are basically “drugs” even though they seem like individual categories.

ASAP Market Product Categories

Apart from these, only “fraud” and “digital goods” are available. If you’re new, know that most other markets have jewelleries, clothes, counterfeits and other such items which are missing on ASAP.

The restrictions however are pretty standard. The market doesn’t allow vendors to sell:

  • Unconsented/illegal/underage/secretly captured porn
  • Weapons
  • Prostitution
  • Western Union/card transfers
  • Human trafficking/organ selling (animal and human).
  • Poison/toxic chemicals of any kind
  • Murder/hitman services.

Rating: 3/5, it loses points due to lack of diversity.

Payment Cryptocurrencies and wallets

The market is pretty standard with its payment policies. Like most other darknet markets, ASAP market too accepts the two primary darkweb currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • And Monero.

Obviously, the market does prioritize XMR over BTC for obvious reasons.

As for the wallet-type, that’s not the most impressive. It’s not a wallet-less market. So, yes, you must deposit to the account wallet in order to trade on the market.

Note that minimum 0.00010 BTC needs to be deposited for BTC. As for XMR, users must deposit at least 0.06 XMR.

Withdrawals are allowed. The smallest possible withdrawal for Monero is 0.01XMR and for Bitcoin it’s 0.002BTC.

Rating: 4/5. It loses a point because it’s not wallet-less which does give it an exit-scam opportunity.


This is another “average” aspect on this ASAP market review. It has all the standard security features and doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

By “Standard”, I obviously mean the PGP-based 2-FA and the security PIN. The 2-FA makes sure attackers can’t access your account just because they have your password.

Similarly, the PIN makes sure your funds can’t be withdrawn even if someone has your password+ 2FA without this PIN.

Rating: 4/5 simply because there are a few security features (e.g. anti-phishing phrase, TOTPs, address authentication etc.) that exist on other markets but not here.

Vending policies

ASAP market totally depends on third-party sellers to keep the market running. It simply connects the buyers to the sellers.

How does one become a vendor? Easy, shell out $700.00. I love high vendor fees simply because most scammers then stay away. This vendor-fee is non-refundable which further makes it secure.

It does have a waiver in place. If a vendor has enough sales/ratings on other markets, he/she can get a vendor account for free here (after verification).

There’s also a 5% fee on each sale for vendors who got in by paying the vendor fee. For established vendors who got in for free via the waivers; the fee/sale can be as low as 2%/sale.

Rating: 5/5, no issues here.

Unique features: Scam Hunter and Fake Review Detector

This is something the market claims of having. We haven’t verified the existence or accuracy of these.

Anyway, Scam Hunter is basically a feature that can detect scammers. This is true for both vendors and buyers.

Fake Review Detector does exactly what its name says, detects fake reviews.

Rating:  No ratings because we aren’t sure how well these features work.

ASAP Market review – The good and the bad.

If we talk about the good, I’ll say its product-stock, “open for all browsing”, dual-cryptocurrency payments and security features.

For the bad, there’s obviously the absence of wallet-less payments and lack of product-diversity.

Overall, I’ll rate ASAP Market a 4/5 for this ASAP market review. You’re free to form your own opinions, of course.