UnderMarket Review

UnderMarket review 2021: We will discuss its best & worst aspects right here.

UnderMarket does a lot of things differently from most other darkweb markets you may have been on.  In fact, you’ll see that UnderMarket tried to do things differently for almost every single one of its features and aspects.

The market is definitely not new, and yet, I’ll ask you to reign your expectations. It still is the most “interesting” dark web markets I’ve ever been on.

Let’s get you introduced then?

Legal Disclaimer

This UnderMarket review is exclusively for educational purposes. It shouldn’t be used to trade, buy, sell or launder money on the dark web in any way. That’s illegal.

Any and all of your actions will solely and completely be your own responsibility.

UnderMarket an introduction

UnderMarket is probably the oldest market I’ve reviews over here. It’s over 5 years old!  Let’s have a look at some of its primary features?

For starters, know that it’s the only darknet market that has its own iOS and Android apps!

If that seems “unique” to you, I assure you this UnderMarket review has many such moments.

No registration required, ever!

I said UnderMarket does things differently, didn’t I? Well, one of those things is its registration policy.

It doesn’t require registrations, at all! In my last review for DarkFox market, you may have seen DarkFox too doesn’t require registrations. So, what’s special?

The speciality is, you can even place orders on UnderMarket without signing up! This massively adds to a user’s anonymity.  There are no accounts whatsoever.

Rating: 5/5 because it’s extremely anonymous and saves time.

Unique User Interface

Another pretty unique aspect on UnderMarket is its User-Interface.  It has this very unique and different UI than most other darknet markets out there.

UnderMarket Dashboard

So, there’s the traditional navigation-panel at the top. It houses all the links to important pages such as chat, login, support and so on.

Then, there’s a second top-bar which shows the product-categories. The left-sidebar on UnderMarket is used  to list all the vendors available on the market. It does show a short description of the vendor as well as his/her ratings.

The centre-screen shows some of the products available on the market.

As for the listing UI, I’ll say those are as informative. Each listing shows the vendor’s age on the market, total sales, and online status.

UnderMarket 2.0 Product Listing

Another very unique aspect is its colour-coded information about the vendor’s speed. The encircled numbers you see in the screenshot above tell you how long it takes for the vendor to accept (red) and (blue) ship your order. It also shows what’s the inspection period (green) you’ll get for each listing!

Again, on UnderMarket when you click on a product-category, you don’t get access to product listings. You rather get access to all the vendors who’re selling products in your category. You then have to check individual vendors for products.

Rating: 3/5. The UI is easy to use, however, does look a bit outdated and has more page-hops than I’d like.

600+ products

For reasons unknown, UnderMarket disappoints when it comes to product stock! It only has about 600 listings so far.

It’s disappointing because if you go through my Torrez Market review or World Market review, you’d see how those markets are newer than UnderMarket and still have 30K+ listings.

Anyway, the primary products you can find on Undermarket include:

  • Drugs
  • Electronic gadgets
  • PayPal accounts/transfers
  • Fake documents
  • Carding
  • Gift cards
  • Manuals and many others.

Rating: 3/5 primarily because of its low inventory.

6 Cryptocurrencies and wallet-less mode

Didn’t I say earlier on this UnderMarket review that it tries to do almost everything differently?

Well, you can get discounts depending on the Cryptocurrency you  choose to pay with.

For starters, it accepts half a dozen crypto payments. Users can choose to pay with:

  • BTC
  • BTCH
  • DASH
  • DOGE
  • LTC
  • And ETH

Surprisingly, it doesn’t support XMR (maybe it’s their way  of adding more “uniqueness”?).

Because it doesn’t need registrations, it doesn’t use market wallets! Meaning, there are no wallets where you need to deposit funds in advance. It’s completely wallet-less.

Users pay directly on the checkout page, from their external wallets. This means the market has doesn’t have substantial amount of funds it can exit-scam with.

Rating: 5/5 because it accepts a plethora of Cryptocurrencies and is wallet-less.


Because of its no-registration policy, its security approach becomes unique on its own, doesn’t it?

There are no passwords involved and no 2-FA because there are no accounts.

How does one manage orders and accounts? Using a PIN and an order ID that’s auto-generated for each order.

Then, it also has multisig transactions in place. These strengthen the traditional escrow even further and make sure you aren’t scammed out of your coins.

Another important point is, the market claims to store its escrow coins in a cold wallet. So, whatever funds you do pay with are stored in escrow and can’t be hacked into.

Rating: 5/5 it’s unique and still secure. There isn’t a lot to hack into anyway (no accounts).

Vending policies

If you’re tired of hearing it, I promise I won’t say this again. But, it has pretty unique and “never-before” vending policies as well.

It completely wiped off its vendor’s bond/fee. There’s no “signup fee”. It’s free for everyone.

However, it does demand 15% off every sale that a vendor makes. Obviously, this is paid by the vendor.

Rating: 3/5. I don’t like that anyone can signup, scammers included. Even from a vendor’s perspective, 15% does seem high.

UnderMarket review- The “unique”, the good and the bad.

Let’s sum this UnderMarket review up then? So, the “unique” is its “no registration policy”, discount on cryptos, no fee for vendor signups, and cold storage escrow.

The “good” includes wallet-less payments, 6 Cryptocurrencies for payment, and multisig transactions.

Now for the bad?  It has no vendor signup fee which is “bad” for the buyers as more scammers may sign up. The only other problem I have is with its UI.

So, I’ll say we’ve seen more of the “unique” and “good” on this UnderMarket review than bad. So, yes, it’s still an acceptable market worth checking out.