Nemesis Market Review

Namesis market review 2022: What products does Nemesis sell? Which cryptocurrencies does it accept? Is it a centralized or a wallet-less market? How secure is it?

All of those, and many other questions are exactly what I’ll be answering throughout this Nemesis market review.

If you’re looking for new options on the “darkweb market” side, this piece is for you.

Legal and financial disclaimer

We do not support or encourage buying/selling illegal goods on dark web markets. We have not verified the legitimacy of Nemesis market, or its vendors.

Any legal problems or financial losses incurred to the readers of this article as a result of this article will solely be the reader’s responsibility.

This article is purely and exclusively for educational purposes.

Security Tip [be invisible]

TOR isn’t secure. It has been previously compromised by the FBI.

For total anonymity, I recommend installing A VPN. NordVPN is my personal recommendation. This is because NordVPN got its “no logs” policy audited publicly by an independent third-party auditor.

Moreover, it has onion-friendly servers and is the fastest VPN I’ve ever used.

Let’s get you a closer look at Nemesis market then?

Here are the definitive points that should help you understand Nemesis market better:


Most darknet markets stick to a very traditional interface.  Nemesis didn’t. It has probably one of the cleanest, simplest and easiest interfaces of all the darknet markets I’ve seen till date.

Here’s how the interface looks like:

Nemesis Market user interface

As far as layout changes go, they moved the product-category from the left-sidebar to the top-bar.

All the other space on the screen is used to display product listings.

The market doesn’t really require registration. Not for browsing products at least. Signing up is only demanded when you wish to make a purchase or become a vendor.


Nemesis is a new market. Keeping that in mind, its 2000+ product stock is still pretty impressive.

Currently, it sells all the normal “dark web” products, such as:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Hacking-related products
  • Counterfeit items etc.

And then, it also has a few products which are rare even for dark web markets. These include:

  • Crypto to cash and vice-versa
  • And Self defence (not weapons)

Do note that these are just the primary categories. The market has dozens of other sub-categories in each of these primary categories.

Nemesis Categories

The market also has a few restrictions, users can’t buy or sell:

  • Weapons
  • Underage porn
  • Poisons/acids
  • Hitman for hire services.

Vending policies

Nemesis market, is only a mediator. It helps connect buyers to sellers and vice-versa. Naturally, this means independent and third-party sellers can sign up and sell on the market.

Now, I like Nemesis for its very strict vendor policies. It doesn’t let just any scammer sign up and run off with buyers’ funds.

For starters, it has a $250.00 vendor bond requirement. This is non-refundable. This somewhat slows down scammers. However, I’d have liked it if was a bit more expensive, $250.00 isn’t really a fortune.

On top of this $250.00 vendor-bond, there’s a 5% fee per sale which the vendors pay.

However, what makes Nemesis special is its photo verification. New vendors (those without any provable past experience) must upload a photo of their product, along with their usernames written on a piece of paper.

This makes sure that only those users who have access to the products can even sign up as a vendor on Nemesis.

Nemesis does have a bond waiver available. Those vendors who can prove their past experiences/sales and basically legitimacy do not have to pay the $250.00 vendor fee.

From a buyer’s perspective, the market displays extensive data about each vendor.

Nemesis market vendor profile

This includes a vendor’s total sale, last online status, ratings, reviews etc. This information helps buyers choose better, more trustworthy vendors with ease.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies and wallet-type

This is important, the cryptocurrencies control the speed as well as anonymity of your transaction, don’t they?

The market accepts both Bitcoin and Monero.

One of the most impressive aspects on this Nemesis market review is that it’s wallet-less. That means, there’s no “on-market” wallet.

For each order, a new deposit address is generated. Buyers can deposit funds directly to this deposit address from their external/third-party/independent wallets.

As a result, there are no “leftover” funds on the market wallet. Hence, there are no funds /motive for the market to exit-scam with.


This is a bitter-sweet moment on this Nemesis market review.

The market only has 2 basic security features. Primarily, PGP-based 2-FA and a withdrawal password.

However, we must take into account that these are two of the most important and crucial security features we need.

Because there’s no on-market wallet, no major fund-security features are needed anyway.

Also, the market does provide a mnemonic code just after registration. This is used to recover the account if and when it’s lost.

Finally, it’s  one of the very few darknet markets that has an active bug hunting programs. This helps keep the market code truly secure and patch leaks.

Search panel

Now this is something that could be massively improved for the market.

The current search panel isn’t all that impressive. Here’s what it offers:

Nemesis market search panel

So, you only get to filter for:

  • Shipping source
  • Shipping destination

In my opinion, it urgently needs at least a “price-range” filter, and a filter for “vendor ratings”. These would make finding the right products much faster.

Nemesis market review-Final verdict

So, how good/bad of a market is Nemesis exactly?

Let’s look at the positives? It accepts both BTC and XMR, it’s wallet-less and has an impressive interface. The product-stock while not impressive is understandable considering its age.

The vendor policy is average, it’s neither impressive nor disappointing. However, the “photo verification” policy is totally desirable.

As for improvements, it maybe could add multisig transactions and a better search panel.

All in all, I’ll conclude this Nemesis market review on a positive note. In a few months, I’ll update this piece as more data is obtained.