Revolution Market Review

Revolution Market review 2022: What are its primary features and downfalls? That’s what this entire piece is about.

We’ll talk features and problems. Basically what can be improved and what’s already impressive!

If your favourite market just exit-scammed, shutdown or was seized, this may actually be a pretty interesting void-filler.

Anyway, let’s get you started eh?

Legal disclaimer

Checking the market out isn’t illegal. Buying/selling products may be illegal at times. This is why, this article at no times supports or encourages trading on Revolution Market.

Unless you know the product and/or the funds used for the trade are 100% legal, you shouldn’t buy/sell on any dark web market, including Revolution.

This article should solely be used for educational purposes. Any and all uses/actions however, are solely your own responsibility.

Revolution Market overview

Let’s get you introduced?

  • URL: http://jagayshovxfjqpk4vs6cdjv5qbuyftrr57e5l4kwazmbyemjcasrwaqd.onion/
  • Products: 2000+
  • Wallet-less: No
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
  • Vending: Allowed. 0.005612BTC bond
  • Security: 2-FA/ PIN
  • Escrow: Standard + Multisig

Let’s break these features down for more details?


There isn’t a lot to discuss when it comes to the UI. Specially if you’ve been with other dark web markets.

It’s pretty basic, the top-bar is the navigational bar with links to different sections/features and the left-sidebar is the product-sidebar.

Revolution Market Review

The centre-screen is used to showcase product listings.

Rating: 3/5, it’s pretty standard and a bit boring if I’m being honest.

Product stock and variety

The market isn’t very impressive with its products either. It only has about 2000 listings so far.

This is a very low number considering it’s a P2P market and does allow independent vendors to sell on the market.

The available products are exactly what you’d find on most darknet markets. They’ve got:

Revolution Market Categories

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Metals
  • Security & hosting (servers/ VPNs etc.)
  • Software & malware
  • Counterfeit goods etc.

What’s not allowed?

Anything related to child abuse, including underage porn or even its discussion is banned on Revolution market! (Kudos).

Weapons or anything else which promotes terrorism isn’t allowed either. Fentanyl isn’t allowed either.

Rating: 3/5 because the product-quantity needs to be improved.

Vendor policies

As I just said, Revolution is a P2P market. This means, anyone, without any prior affiliation or knowledge of the dark net can sell on Revolution.

As of January 2022, the vendor fee is 0.005612 BTC or 0.743784 XMR. Do note that this may slightly change by the time you read this Revolution market review.

This vendor-fee is non refundable.

The general vendor restrictions apply which includes prohibition on the sale of weapons, illegal porn or fentanyl.

It does offer free vendor accounts to those with at least 20 sales on other tor markets. (This isn’t guaranteed and totally is at the market’s discretion).

Rating: 3/5 primarily because its vendor-fee is too low in my opinion and asking for just 2 sales isn’t a lot either. If you’ve been through my CannaHome review, you’d see how they ask for at least 500 sales before letting someone sell.

Payment Cryptocurrencies and policies

The market supports both Bitcoin and XMR.

However, they display a public security warning on the deposit page, urging users to use only XMR. XMR is more anonymous and helps protect you better.

The market will soon be removing BTC support and will only keep XMR as a payment mode.

It isn’t a wallet-less market though. This means you can’t pay for orders from an external wallet. Funds must already be present in your market wallet before purchases can be made.

It does feature “Multisig transactions” though. These are transactions which require at least 2 parties out of the 3 (market/vendor/buyer) to authenticate a transaction.

Do note that multisig is optional. Setting this up does require some extra efforts. You can always opt for the standard escrow which has no such requirements.

Withdrawals are allowed. BTC withdrawal fee is 0.00012232BTC/withdrawal. For XMR, it’s charged at 0.02XMR/transaction.

Rating: 4/5, it does lack wallet-less transactions, however, multisig does help with security a bit.


Let’s talk of how secure your accounts are on the market?

The three basic security features it offers are:

  • 2-FA: This is activated via PGP. It helps protect accounts in case you lose access to your account.
  • PIN: This is set during registration. It’s primarily required for withdrawals.

It’s one of the very few dark web markets which also has an active bug bounty program! If users can find loopholes on the market, it pays them for the heads up, in XMR. This too increases the market’s security.

Rating: 4/5 because it’s still missing a few security features, such as login phrase/TOTPs etc.

Unique features

This isn’t a section I generally include on my market reviews. But, Revolution market offers a few features which no other market does. So, totally worth a mention, right?

Refund addresses-

These are just for fund security. If the market goes offline/is seized or remains inactive for 30 days, a second server sends funds back to these refund addresses you’ve saved in your profiles.

This protects from most “unwanted” attacks. However, note that it still can’t protect you from exit-scams!

Vendor teams-

This is a feature that’s about to be implemented in the near future. The market will let vendors add extra members to their teams. These members can help with the support (read/reply to messages) or ship orders. They however can not withdraw or interact with vendor funds.

100% commission sharing-

This is the first time I’m seeing a market do this.

So, every 4th month (3 times a year), the market shares 100% of its commission for the month with 10 random users.

I’m not sure what the average amount is, or how it’s split between the 10 users.

But, the fact that Revolution Market does this is amazing.

Rating: 5/5 for the sheer fact that these are unique.

Revolution Market review- final verdict

So, is Revolution the best dark web market in existence? No. It isn’t. It has a long way to go before it’s even close to the top 10.

However, its features do seem progressive. So, it’s not a random guess if I say it may be one of the top dark web markets in the near future.

For now, it’s a market users may peek at but keep your expectations low. I’d say if and when wallet-less payments are implemented and the product-stock grows, it probably will skyrocket.

Obviously, don’t blindly trust this Revolution market review. Go check it out on your own and see how it works for you?