Orange Market Review

This The Orange market review will introduce the market to you. The best features, as well as what could be improved.

The market brings in a few features which are extremely rare, if not completely unique. Is it what fills the void that Empire Market left? We’ll see.

Make sure you go through the disclaimer before proceeding any further.


Buying/selling on The Orange market may be illegal. The goods may be illegal, or illegally procured. The buyer’s funds may be illegally obtained or part of other illegal activities such as tax evasion.

Hence, never buy/sell on any darknet market including The Orange market. This review is solely to educate you on the market and what it claims to offer.

Only you will be responsible for all your actions on the market.

The Orange market overview

Let’s get you an idea of what the market offers?

Registration Policy

The market does allow complete access without registration.

You can view the products, FAQ, support center and even vendor profiles without having to register.

Registrations are of course mandatory if and when you wish to make a purchase.

The process is just what you’d expect. You’re asked for a username, a password and a PIN.

Rating- 4/5 (It gets 4 points because it doesn’t force users to register. It loses a point because purchases require registration).


The UI is neither impressive, nor disappointing. It’s just bland and very basic-looking.

The Orange Review

As you probably expect, there’s a top-bar which houses links to the FAQ, seller’s panel, support, search bar, cart and everything else.

The left-sidebar gives us the products as is common. And the remaining screen shows us a few notifications and the products.

The product listing interface is a bit more interesting. It shows the product’s ratings, views and the total sales for each product.

The Orange Product Listing

This helps decide the popularity and hence the legitimacy of the product as well as the vendor at a glance.

Rating: 4/5 (No major complaints).

Available Products

This is one of the major reasons why I decided to scribble this The Orange market review down.

The market has a total product-arsenal of over 20,000 listings. This indicates it has a pretty good vendor-base.

Can you guess the product with the maximum listings? You’re right, it’s “drugs”. It’s always drugs on these dark web markets, isn’t it?

The Orange Products Categories

There are over 14000 listings just in its “Drugs” category. The category includes everything from tablets, pills, Cannabis, Weed, Stimulants to basically everything else.

Its “Digital” category is the next most well-populated category. It has 5000 or so listings. As the name suggests, this is for cards, banking information, documents, porn accounts and other similar products.

It has this weird category called “Civil Software”. This is basically where you find malware, viruses, keyloggers, backdoors etc.

Some other available products include Currency, Database, Tutorials etc.

Although, the market doesn’t seem to have a category for “services”. This is one of the most common categories where skilled users can sell their talent. That doesn’t seem possible on The Orange market.

Rating: 4/5 (Impressive product stock, but lacks the “service” category).

Payment and wallet

The Orange market accepts two of the most popular Cryptocurrencies in the industry. You guessed it right, it’s:

  • Bitcoin
  • And Monero.

The market isn’t wallet-less though. That means you must make all deposits in advance to your market wallet.

It does allow withdrawals for any leftover funds in your market wallet. Withdrawals are charged at a fixed 1% fee.

Rating: 3/5 (3 points because it accepts both the Cryptocurrencies, and it loses points because it’s not wallet-less).

Escrow and Multisig

This is one of the most impressive aspects on this The Orange market review.

The market, like all popular darknet markets does offer the standard escrow for all its products.

However, it also brings in multisig. This is optional. However, multisig will exponentially bump up security for each trade.

In each trade on a P2P darknet market, 3 parties are involved. The buyer, the seller and the market (escrow).

Multisig makes sure the escrow doesn’t have 100% control of the funds at any given time, the same goes for any other party. At least 2 parties must sign for a transaction to proceed.

Vending policies

Being a P2P market, The Orange does accept independent third-parties. This means the admin(s) isn’t the only one who sells everything on the market.

The Orange has a pretty impressive vendor-bond, set at $1000.00. The high bond ensures that scammers and new vendors don’t sign up. This results in higher quality, established and legitimate vendors on the market. (White House Market too has a $1000.00 vendor-fee).

The market doesn’t seem to offer free vendor accounts even for established vendors. That’s a bit disappointing as almost every other darknet market offers free accounts to get more established vendors to sign up.

The Orange does say that it offers “some advantages” to these vendors though! What those advantages are? That’s beyond me.

Rating: 4/5 (4 because the vendor bond is high, and it loses a point because it’s not clear on its policy for established vendors).


Account security is pretty basic.

You get 2-FA and PIN, but that’s it!

There are no login phrases, TOTPs, or dual-usernames (you can read my Darkode Reborn review if you don’t know what that is).

It does claim that all its internal funds go through a mixer for added anonymity. Obviously, there’s no way for me to verify the claims.

Rating: 3/5 (you know why).

Upcoming features

So, there are a few planned features that the market will probably be implementing soon.

I’m just mentioning these here because they’re amazing, and will probably be live by the time you read this The Orange market review.

  • DeadDrops: A very advanced, anonymous and modern order/delivery mechanism that uses the real-world.
  • Dropshipping

The Orange market review- Final verdict

Let’s conclude this The Orange market review then?

The market offers impressive products and acceptable payment modes / security features.

There’s a lot of room for improvement. A wallet-less mode and more security features would totally be appreciated.

However, for now, I’d say it’s a decent market to go with. There aren’t many red flags.

Come back to this The Orange market review (Bookmark us) in 6 months if it doesn’t exit-scam/isn’t seized or shut down to see where it is then, eh?