Evil Corp Market Review

Evil Corp Market review- Is it the best new darkweb market in the industry? I’m not sure, but I’ll let you decide that once you go through this piece in detail.

As for any other market, I’ll discuss Evil Corp’s security features, products, restrictions, fees, vending policies and everything else in detail.

The point is to give you the clearest idea of the market without you having to visit the market on your own.

Do go through the disclaimer below before we start.


Evil Corp Market may sell goods that are completely illegal. Do not engage in trades (buying/selling) on the market. Any and all your activities are solely your own responsibility. This review or its creators can’t be held responsible for any of your actions.

Evil Corp Market – An Introduction

Onion URL: http://castlee5janmtc5h6jiorit7lzdhgfuy43po4oddgi3qpm52ljyljyyd.onion

Evil Corp Market is a new dark web market that’s less than a month old as of August 2021. The market is still in its Beta phase.

Here’s an overview of the market in a nutshell.

  • 6 Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Multisig transactions
  • Security PIN, login phrase and 2-FA available.
  • In-built coin swap.
  • $200.00 vendor-fee.
  • 5% fee to be paid by both vendors and buyers.

Registration Policy

I generally don’t include this in market reviews, there’s nothing of importance here. However, Evil Corp Market is slightly different and hence this deserves a mention.

The market doesn’t demand registrations just for checking the products. Meaning, you can browse the products without signing up.

No purchases however can be made without registration.  I liked it because they’re not simply trying to bump up their “member count”.

Even when you do register, it’s pretty anonymous and free. You don’t need the “invite codes” that some other markets require.

Fee on Evil Corp Market

Evil Corp Market has three primary fee requirements.

The first is the fee that’s paid by the vendors. The vendor accounts cost $200.00. If someone is already an established vendor on other marketplaces, he/she may get this fee waived.

Additionally, vendors do have to pay 5% commission on each sale.

The exact amount, 5% is also be paid by buyers on each sale.

The last major fee is the withdrawal fee. This I do believe is a tad bit higher than most other darknet markets out there and is set at 2.5%/withdrawal!

Evil Corp Market products

Evil Corp Market being a dark web market sells everything that’s illegal.

The list includes:

  • Drugs & Chemicals: Opioids, Stimulants, MDMA, Benzos, Ecstasy, RCs etc.
  • Counterfeit items: Fake/duplicates for Jewellery, electronic gadgets, currency notes etc.
  • Hosting & security: You can buy servers, VPNs, Socks here.
  • Erotica: This is special. It doesn’t just sell porn accounts like most other similar markets, you can also buy photos and videos directly as well.
  • Guides and tutorials: Guides teaching tricks/procedures/methods related to carding, fraud, hacking, security etc.
  • Digital: Items that aren’t physically shipped out, includes games, keys, hacking & cracking tools etc.
  • Software & Malware: You can buy premium/expensive software for cheap, or outright malicious Trojans and RATs.

In a nutshell, everything that you expect to find on a darknet market is sold here.

Item Restrictions

Not “everything” can be bought or sold on Evil Corp Market.

It doesn’t allow vendors to sell or buyers to buy the following:

  • Russian personal information. (Selling non-Russian personal information is allowed).
  • Weapons
  • Prostitution
  • Hitman-for-hire services.

Multisig transactions

This is a very desirable yet very rare feature that I look for on dark web markets.

Multisig stands for multiple signatures. Now, in any trade on Evil Corp Market, three parties are involved:

  • The buyer
  • The seller
  • And the Market itself (escrow).

What multisig does is, it doesn’t place all its trust in any one party. For the transaction to go through, at least 2 out of these 3 parties must sign the transaction.

As a result, no individual party can decide to scam the other two parties on its own.

Escrow and F.E

The more common escrow and F.E too are available. The normal escrow is basically when the market holds the buyer’s funds with itself, and sends it to the vendor only after delivery.

F.E is short for “Finalize-Early”. It’s when the market escrow is skipped. Funds go directly from a buyer’s account to a vendor’s wallet.

While F.E is riskier, it’s faster for the vendors and helps cover initial costs. Also, F.E is only enabled on vendors who have proven themselves on the marketplace and hence can still be used.

2-FA/ Security PIN and Login phrase

These are two of the most direct security features offered by Evil Corp Market.

You can enable 2-factor authentication which would be required for login. This does require basic PGP knowledge but I’m confident most on this Evil Corp Market review wouldn’t have issues.

The security PIN is pretty straightforward. You control what it does. You can either enable it for “settings change” and/or for purchases. The enabling/disabling is manually controlled by you for each aspect.

Then there’s also the “Login phrase”. Generally, markets let us set this on the registration page. However, in the case of Evil Corp Market, you only find it in on your “account > security” page.

The login phrase is any random word, sentence, number set by you. Once you do this, it’s displayed on your dashboard permanently.

If you login and don’t see your phrase displayed, it indicates you’re on a phishing page.

These are the standard security features on darknet markets. Nothing is missing on Evil Corp Market and that’s a major positive sign for me.

Accepted  Cryptocurrencies

If you like “options”, you’d be elated here.

Evil Corp Market accepts arguably the most number of Cryptocurrencies in the entire industry.

You can pay using:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • ZCash
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash

In-built Coinswap

This is a very rare and very impressive aspect on this Evil Corp Market review. It has this in-built coin swap feature.

Coin swap basically lets you deposit one coin, and withdraw another coin in return. That massively adds to your privacy.

For now, you can swap Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. You can deposit either of those coins, and receive any of the other three coins in return.

Vendor verification

This isn’t exactly a “feature”.

It’s just an aspect that I like to include in my reviews.

So, Evil Corp Market offers probably “the” most detailed report about vendors I’ve ever seen.

So, you can check a vendor’s stats by clicking on his/her profile. It shows:

  • No. of followers
  • Joining date
  • No. of total sales
  • Trust level
  • Total ratings
  • And their performance on other markets!

This data can be used to get a clear picture of the vendor’s legitimacy.

Evil Corp Market review- Final verdict

So, is Evil Corp Market the best dark web market in the industry? Obviously, it’s not. The market is still in its Beta and has a long way to go.

However, from what’s available, I’m confident it’s here to stay. The security features, multi-currency payments, vending policies and everything else is pretty impressive.

The only thing I’d improve is include a wallet-less mode, but hey, I do not own the market.

Let’s give the market a few months? Come back to this Evil Corp Market review and we’ll see what has changed!