Vice City Market Review

Vice City Market review 2022: Is it a good darknet marketplace? That can only be answered after you’ve seen, understood, and compared all its features to other “good” markets, right?

That’s exactly what this piece will help you do. I’ve made sure to compare Vice City to other markets so you get a baseline and better understanding of the market’s potential.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started on this Vice City market review then?


This review of Vice City market is solely and exclusively for research purposes. Buying, selling or trading on the market may be illegal. We aren’t vouching for the market either.

Only you will be responsible for your actions, profits & losses. We do not advise actually using the market without doing your legal research first.

Vice City Market overview

Let me draw you a neat picture of how the market is before we start?

  • URL: http://vice2e3gr3pmaikukidllstulxvkb7a247gkguihzvyk3gqwdpolqead.onion/
  • Both centralized and wallet-less deposits
  • 12000+ listings
  • $300 vendor fee
  • 2-FA + PIN +
  • Payments via: BTC (XMR coming soon)
  • Shop type: Traditional, no autoshop.

Mandatory registrations

Vice City market is one of the more conservative markets. It doesn’t allow any access whatsoever without registration.

In order to browse the products, check vendor profiles or even access the FAQ, you must register.

Registration doesn’t need an invite-code or payment, so that’s acceptable. Accounts are activated instantly as well.

Rating: 3/5 (Markets which do not require any registration at all, even for purchases, are rated 5/5 by me. You can read my UnderMarket 2.0 review for one such market. There are markets which let me browse products for free and only demand registration for purchases, those get a 4/5 rating).

12000+ Products

At the time of writing this Vice City market review, it has exactly 11826 products. I’m confident it’ll be above 12,000 by the time you read this piece.

I personally didn’t like its product-categorization. It didn’t group its drug-related products together. They’re all out there in the same list, as individual products.

Vice City Product Categorization

However, apart from drugs, it also sells digital items, fraud, services, and a few items in its “other listings” category.

The maximum products can be found in its “Cannabis” category. After that, its “Digital products” which offer the maximum products and have about 2300 products listed so far.

Rating: 4/5. Simply because it could categorize better. Also, an autoshop is something that’s missing. You could read my review on DarkFox market if autoshops are your thing.

Traditional user-interface

The market doesn’t demand special skills in order to use it. If you’ve any darknet market experience whatsoever, you can pretty much use Vice City market.

It sure is a bit modern than most dark web markets though. There are icons at the top-bar instead of just texts as is the case with most other markets.  These icons let you move around the market and access its different sections.

Vice City User Interface

Everything else is pretty much like any other market. The left-sidebar will give you the product-categories.

The remaining screen-space gives you the products. Simple, right?

As for the listing interface, each listing shows the product’s ratings, price, the vendor’s total feedback and no. of sales (total sales by the vendor, not just for this listing).

The remaining screen-space gives you the products. Simple, right?

Rating: 5/5, why not?


When trying a new market out, one of the first aspects I pay attention to? The market’s wallet modes.

Vice City fortunately is one of the less demanding markets. Meaning, you don’t need to use or deposit to the centralized market wallet. It sure exists, however, is completely optional.

Rather, you can use its wallet-less, direct payment mode. On the checkout page, it displays an address which accepts your deposit for this specific order.

The fact that you aren’t forced to use the market wallet says a lot about the market’s intentions, doesn’t it?

Rating: 5/5, it doesn’t force either mode on us. Rather, lets us choose from either of the modes and that’s better than simply offering wallet-less payments, isn’t it?

Payment Cryptocurrencies

Obviously this Vice City market review isn’t complete without talking about the actual cryptocurrencies which it accepts, right?

For now, it only accepts Bitcoin. However, it does have a Monero wallet which is under construction.

Rating: 4/5, I’ll give it its star back when Monero is indeed implemented.

Multisig escrow

Obviously ,because it’s a P2P market, it must offer escrow, right?

Vice City market does. In fact, on top of the standard escrow, it also offers multisig escrow. This is a much more secure form of escrow where the buyer, the seller and the market all control a transaction.

A transaction only goes through if 2 of these 3 parties sign a transaction. Obviously, finalize-early too is available but only for established and reputed sellers.

Rating: 5/5 because there’s nothing more secure in the dark web escrow world than multisig.

Independent vendors accepted

Didn’t I say earlier on this Vice City market review that it’s a P2P market? Well, it obviously accepts independent sellers. The market simply connects these sellers to respective buyers.

The vendor fee on the market is $300.00. Compared to industry standards, this is pretty acceptable. It’s neither too expensive nor too cheap. I’ve seen markets charge up to $2000.00 for their vendor accounts (read my World Market review if you’d like more details).

If this was higher, legitimate  vendors may not be able to sign up. If it was cheaper, every scammer would be signing up.

Reputed sellers (on other marketplaces) can apply for a free vendor account.

Rating: 5/5. No reason to not rate it 5, eh?


Finally, let’s talk of security?

The market does allow PGP-based 2-factor authentication. This helps you access your account if you lose your password.

It also requires you to set a PIN. Unlike most other dark web markets, the PIN is mandatory to make purchases on Vice City market.

The PIN is also required when making withdrawals.

I didn’t see a feature for the login phrase so that hurts.

Rating: 4/5, the missing login phrase and TOTPs would’ve earned it a 5-star rating.

Final verdict- Is Vice City market a good market?

Yes, Vice City market is one of the better markets in the industry today.

It ticks all the boxes it should. Over 12000 products, easy interface, accepts BTC, has Monero in the pipeline, and most importantly, offers two wallet-modes.

Then there’s multisig escrow. The vendor-bond too is pretty well-balanced. All in all, you wouldn’t find a lot of red flags if you go through this Vice City market review. Obviously, your own opinion may totally differ from mine.