CannaHome Review

CannaHome review 2021: The good and the bad.

As you proceed on this CannaHome review, you’ll find it differs from almost all the markets out there, on all its aspects. Its products, UI, accepted cryptocurrencies and everything else isn’t what most other markets go with!

Let’s not waste time and get started then?

Legal disclaimer

Do not buy/sell/trade/deposit/withdraw on CannaHome. It may be illegal. All your actions are solely your own responsibility. This CannaHome review is solely for educational purposes.

CannaHome- A closer peek

Before we start, here’s everything that defines the marketplace:


CannaHome does require registration. What’s special is its extremely simplified registration process.

On the registration page, it only asks for a username and a password. Almost the same as simply logging in.

Comparatively, on most other markets, you’ll have to set a PIN, secret phrase and other such things. These aren’t required on CannaHome.

Rating: 4/5, it gets points for simplicity and loses points because of the mandatory registration.


CannaHome has one of the most unique interfaces in the industry. It’s new, fresh and yet doesn’t have a learning-curve. It’s still just as easy to use and understand as any other market.

For starters, it has a more “minimalistic” look as compared to the more traditional webpages out there.

The top-bar is still pretty traditional, gives us access to the important links on the market.

CannaHome user interface

There’s no sidebar as is traditionally available on most other markets. Rather, they’ve got the product-categories at the top.

Now, almost all the other markets display featured listings/products on their homepage. Not CannaHome. It displays a list of “Vendors”.  These are the most active vendors on the market.

The listing interface is pretty acceptable. It shows me the price, accepted Cryptocurrency, and the rating for the product.

Cannahome listing interface

Rating: 5/5 because of its creativity and uniqueness. No major flaws seem to exist either.


CannaHome, as you may have guessed from its name, is a “Cannabis-exclusive” dark web market. Its tagline reads “Your home for Cannabis and Shrooms”.

In other words, you can’t find any other product. So, if you’re searching for a market which sells fake documents, jewellery, cards, software etc. check any of our other deep web markets.

Anyway, the products currently available on CannaHome are:

Cannahome products

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Carts
  • Shrooms
  • And Distillate.

Obviously, you can expand these categories.  As shown in the screenshot above, each primary category will have its own sub-categories.

The product-stock is pretty impressive even though it isn’t a big number. That’s because it’s a very niche-specific market. Most markets with “all and any” products have about 15000 products on average.

Considering that, its 3500 listings are definitely not disappointing, are they? If you go through the “vending policies” section on this CannaHome review, you’ll appreciate its stock even more!

Rating: 5/5 if you’re looking for Cannabis and Shrooms.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies, wallets and escrow

As I said earlier, it does things differently. Even for payments, it accepts:

  • Bitcoin
  • And Litecoin.

It’s different because if you’ve gone through my World Market review or the newer Tor2Door review, you’d see those and most other markets generally accept BTC and XMR.

Its wallet-mode while isn’t unique, is still extremely desirable. Yes, it’s a wallet-less market!

No account-wallets, no advance deposits and that leads to no exit-scams! A new wallet is generated for each checkout page. Funds can directly be deposited here from external wallets which finalizes the order.

As for escrow, it does have multisig transactions! It means “multiple signatures” (multi-sig) are required from at least 2 of the 3 involved parties. The parties here mean the buyer, the seller and the market itself!

This, combined with the wallet-less mode says a lot about the market’s legitimacy and intentions, doesn’t it?

Rating: 5/5. I do think XMR is a better bet for anonymity. However, the fact that it has more options than just BTC and it’s wallet-less do earn it the stars, don’t they?

Vending policies

It’s weird for me to say this, but, this is my favourite aspect on CannaHome. It’s not one of those markets where rich scammers can just sign up and scam people.

In order to be a vendor on CannaHome, there are certain requirements which money can’t buy!

Every vendor must have made at least 500 sales on other markets. The account must be at least 6 months old (so that rich vendors can’t just create an account and place orders on their own!).

The vendor must also have less than 1% negative ratings!

Any vendor who qualifies for the above requirements is almost certainly trustworthy, don’t you agree?

The one problem I find is that CannaHome only accepts USA-based vendors! This is why I said earlier that its 3500 listings are impressive, its very selective with its vendor-base!

Rating: 5/5 (I’d rate it 6/5 if I could, it’s almost anti-scammer!)


It’s weird how the market doesn’t have many security features, and that’s still acceptable.

So, it only has the 2-FA (PGP based). No other security features exist. Generally, I’d bash it for the lack of a PIN or login phrase.

However, because it’s wallet-less, and because there’s multisig, I’d say it’s acceptable. You can’t keep funds in your wallet anyway so the PIN becomes obsolete anyway.

As for the login phrase, CannaHome has a very unique CAPTCHA feature. It’s nothing I’ve seen ever before which makes sure the URL can’t be phished if you’re cautious. This makes the login phrase redundant.

Rating: 5/5

CannaHome review- The good and the bad

If I sum this CannaHome review up, let’s talk of the good first? The very appealing UI, dual-crypto acceptance, wallet-less mode and multisig transactions make it a great market. The vending policies are the strongest aspect in my aspect.

There truly is not major problem with it, except its lower product-stock but that’s for understandable reasons.

So, for this CannaHome review, I’ll rate it a 4/5 only because it lacks product-diversity and isn’t for everyone.